Rat Infestation
Rats are responsible for the transmission of many diseases. Their feeding habits are destructive, and their nesting behaviors can compromise the structure of infested buildings. However ,rats are secretive and not seen by humans when populations are low .Therefore ,an infestation may prove difficult to confirm.
Rats prefer to hide, given enough space,so if rats are observed in plain sight,it is likely that a full-blown infestation already exists . When space becomes limited due to increased population,rat are forced out into open .Rat droppings may be present ,indicating a healthy , feeding rat population .Rat also tend to leave dirt or grease marks along walls and floorboards.
Rats gnaw incessantly on materials such as plastic and wood .The presence of damaged materials and large holes in floorboards and walls are sure signs of infestation.Rat teeth marks are large and rough in appearance. In the 
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